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What are the Biggest Myths About Domestic Sprinklers?

Let’s face it, movies haven’t always favoured accuracy over entertainment or shock value. And this is no exception for the depiction of domestic sprinklers in media forms such as films and TV programmes. It might be funny when Mr Incredible sets off the sprinkler system with smoke, dousing the entire house in water. But, is this accurate?

Here at RAD Fire Sprinklers, we aim to correctly inform our customers on how domestic sprinklers protect your family and your home. You shouldn’t learn everything from the movies and we’re here to help differentiate the facts from the fiction. And identify the myths you should ignore.  


Myth 1: Water Damage is as Bad as Fire Damage

If an entire house is getting drenched, surely the amount of damage will cost as much as the fire itself to replace. Simply untrue. Where a fire is detected, the sprinkler discharges less than 5% of the water used by a fire service; releasing just the right amount to deal with the blaze. 

Also, a fire sprinkler system actually saves water, compared to if emergency services are called. Fire assistances are a vital service for when a fire is too large, however, they regularly pump out gallons of water. Yet, sprinklers are shown to save up to 96% of the billion litres of water used in the UK annually. 


Myth 2: Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems are Expensive

Domestic sprinklers typically cost less than 2% of an average new home. And though for some it may seem a lot, they are designed to last for decades after installation; protecting your home for the long-term. Many factors can affect the cost of a fire sprinkler system; including the number of heads required, room sizes and the water supply available. 

But having a sprinkler system does save you money on fire damage. It reduces the risk, having a fast-reaction time and making it cost-effective. For more information on a costing guide for domestic fire sprinkler installation, fill in your details on our website and we will be in touch. 


Myth 3: All Fire Sprinkler Heads Go Off at the Same Time

Think in the films when a diversion is needed; the main character holds up a lighter to one sprinkler head and the entire system releases water. It offers usually a comedic element, watching an entire house get drenched. But once again, this is a myth.

In domestic fire sprinkler systems, each head is independent and not connected. If a fire does break out in one room, the specific head will go off, releasing just the right amount of water. Only if the fire consumes more than one room will more heads go off. However, with a fast reaction time, residential fire sprinklers usually suppress the impact of the fire and stop it from engulfing a vast amount of the home.


What are the Benefits of Residential Fire Sprinklers?

There are many benefits to installing a fire sprinkler system:


  • They are reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Insurance discounts
  • They save lives
  • Reduces property damage
  • Environmentally friendly

They should always be considered for new builds and to update your safety when it comes to fire risks.

RAD Fire Sprinklers work throughout London and the South East area, making sure all our clients are fully aware of fire regulations and how sprinkler systems can help. We maintain close relationships with various industries, such as architects and plumbing companies, defining the benefits of having a fire sprinkler system in different buildings.

For more information on our services, fill out our online form and a member of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, call us on 01892 680 090 and speak to one of our specialists today.

Diligent & a very professional team. A joy to deal with. Will certainly be calling on them to help with many more future schemes.
Jason Tema
22:17 08 Jul 19
Great team, fitting sprinklers, saving lives & property... What more could you wish for!!!
Colin P
17:53 01 Jul 17
Excellent company & great service... This company rocks! They sprinkle fires & save lives!!!
Music N Videoz
07:15 16 Dec 16
As somebody who feels that it should be a necessity for all properties to have fire sprinkler systems, I am a big fan of this company. I have used them numerous times to service my home system and they are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their service.
Kate Fraser
09:25 30 Mar 15
One look at Rad Fire Sprinkler's website will tell you that these guys know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to Fire Sprinklers and the legislation surrounding fire safety. A very trustworthy company.
Adam Hudson
16:45 15 Nov 13

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