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Information for Architects and Developers

Domestic Sprinkler System Information for Architects and Developers

Installation of Fire Sprinkler HeadsIn the past, architects and developers have little involvement with a domestic sprinkler system company, during planning and construction phases. Fire sprinklers are sometimes not even considered in these stages, although these fire sprinkler systems are now more frequently installed in buildings such as hostels, care homes and high rise complexes throughout the UK and particularly in Wales.

The inquiry can be generated by difficulty satisfying some part of the Approved document B requirements of the Building Regulations. Such problems are often highlighted late in the building program. Building Control Officers frequently suggest that residential fire sprinkler systems will solve the problem.

A major concern for an architect or developer is that the sprinkler heads could be visually intrusive. This is never the case when concealed residential fire sprinkler heads are used. Wherever possible, sprinklers are positioned in line with downlights and other objects which have been installed in the ceiling.

What are Common Problems an Architect or Developer May Face?

Installing a domestic sprinkler system would help solve countless problems architects and developers from across the UK face. These include:

  • Limited access for a fire tender when a property is situated more than 45 meters  from road curt-ledge
  • Open stairway to an open plan ground floor area from a room on the 2nd floor of that property
  • A lack of an alternative means of escape where an occupied space is more than 7.5M high
  • Fire compartmentalization between different purpose groups for example  flats above commercial premises
  • Travel from inner rooms passing through kitchens.

If any of these issues are affecting your project, our professionals offer and advise various solutions. RAD specialise exclusively in the design, installation and maintenance of domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems and are uniquely third party accredited. Our expertise and experience in this field are second to none.

The Fire Sprinkler Installation Process

Sprinkler Installation for Developments

The installation process within a traditionally joisted ceiling or concrete soffits is very straightforward and is carried out at the same 1st fix stage as any other trade like electrics and plumbers. Our team at RAD Fire Sprinklers have worked with a number of architects and developers over the years and we’ll ensure the installation process is explained to you in detail.

Having a domestic sprinkler system installed in your new development will help to improve the safety of your build and protect your property should the unfortunate happen. No matter what your fire sprinkler installation might be, we’ll ensure your property development or architectural build might be we’ll ensure it’s fitted with the best type of fire sprinkler system.

Benefits of Installing Domestic Fire Sprinklers

A developer can gain a significant return on investment by installing domestic fire sprinkler systems in a new project, including:

  • Enhanced project design with more open space.
  • Increased design density of the overall development.
  • Reduced building costs due to a reduction in passive fire protection systems.
  • Increased revenue due to a greater number of units produced.
  • A unique selling point to the customer.

Contact RAD Fire Sprinklers for Fire Sprinkler Systems for Development Properties

If you’re a developer or architect and you’re in need of a fire sprinkler system installation, then be sure to get in touch with RAD Fire Sprinklers. We have worked with a number of architects and property developers over the years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our team. We’ll ensure your new build property is fitted with the best type of domestic sprinkler system. From concealed fire sprinkler heads to full building systems, give us a call today on 01892 680090 and see how we can help!

Fire Sprinkler System for Property Development

How much does it cost to install a domestic sprinkler system in a new build property?

At RAD Fire Sprinklers, we price all fire sprinkler systems on an individual basis, ensuring our architects and developers get the best possible price for the system they require. As experts in fire safety systems, we can advise on the type of system you should have installed.

Why should I have a fire sprinkler system installed?

Fire sprinkler systems are important to help improve fire safety. Depending on the type of property you’re building it might be a requirement of building regulations to have a fire sprinkler system installed. Sprinklers can be added to an existing design and some systems can even enhance the appeal of your property.

Who will install the fire sprinkler system?

All of our fire sprinkler systems are installed by fully trained and experienced engineers to ensure your new fire safety system is fitted correctly. The RAD Fire Sprinklers team have years of experience installing all types of fire sprinkler systems for architects and developers throughout the country.

Are fire sprinkler regulations the same across the UK?

No. Building regulations in regards to fire safety differ across the UK. Wales have different regulations relating to fire safety and when you choose RAD Fire Sprinklers, we’ll ensure the fire sprinkler system we install meets with current regulations.

Diligent & a very professional team. A joy to deal with. Will certainly be calling on them to help with many more future schemes.
Jason Tema
22:17 08 Jul 19
Great team, fitting sprinklers, saving lives & property... What more could you wish for!!!
Colin P
17:53 01 Jul 17
Excellent company & great service... This company rocks! They sprinkle fires & save lives!!!
Music N Videoz
07:15 16 Dec 16
As somebody who feels that it should be a necessity for all properties to have fire sprinkler systems, I am a big fan of this company. I have used them numerous times to service my home system and they are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their service.
Kate Fraser
09:25 30 Mar 15
One look at Rad Fire Sprinkler's website will tell you that these guys know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to Fire Sprinklers and the legislation surrounding fire safety. A very trustworthy company.
Adam Hudson
16:45 15 Nov 13

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