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How a Fire Sprinkler System Can Save You Money

Installing a new sprinkler system into your home can help save countless lives in a building, and prevent fires from spreading to uncontrollable measures. There are approximately 37,000 house fires each year in the UK, highlighting the desperate need for fire sprinkler systems to be installed into properties. They are 99% effective in saving lives and extinguishing flames, but they have other benefits too. As well as their undisputed effectiveness and their impact on the environment, they can also save you plenty of money too.

Fire suppression systems such as fire sprinklers are essential in properties such as factories, high rise properties and commercial buildings, providing great benefits to the structure and the people within them. From residential sprinkler systems to water mist fire suppression systems, sprinklers can provide extra protection, with some great money-saving benefits.


Reduces Property Damage

One of the biggest benefits of installing a fire sprinkler system and sprinkler head are their significant impact on the safety of your home. Once a fire breaks out, it can spread quickly, and action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. Fires that spread through buildings, depending on their size, can cost thousands and even millions of pounds worth of damage. Some can be repaired and redecorated, whereas others will, unfortunately, have to be completely demolished. By installing fire sprinklers, you can reduce this damage significantly, saving your interiors and your property’s structural integrity.

Also, when a fire breaks out, the fire department will use gallons of water to put out the flames, which can cause significant flooding which causes just as much damage as the fire itself. An automatic sprinkler system will only activate in the nearest vicinity to the fire, and will expel an appropriate amount of water to ensure the fire is extinguished. Fires and flooding can make your property uninhabitable, which can put a lot of stress and emotional turmoil on the owner. By installing reliable fire sprinklers, you can rest assured.


Saves Your Belongings from the Effects of a Fire

It’s not just your property that suffers the consequences of a fire. Any belongings can be partially or completely destroyed in a blaze, which can be made even worse if those items have sentimental value. Millions of pounds worth of equipment in a factory or office space can be destroyed easily, and fire sprinkler systems are the best way to protect them. Replacing these items can be incredibly costly and can even put many companies out of business, so it’s important to protect them at all costs.

Fires can ruin lives in more ways than one; imagine having everything you own burnt and destroyed in the space of an hour. Fire sprinklers can help prevent this by activating quickly, and can last for years to come with regular maintenance. You can even opt for concealed sprinkler heads to keep your sprinklers hidden away behind cover plates, but don’t worry. They’re still just as effective as other sprinkler systems.


Increases the Value of your Property

If you’re looking to reap the cost benefits of sprinklers a few years down the line by selling your home, effective systems will increase its value. They will give future homeowners the assurance that their belongings and their family will be protected at all costs, making them a great selling point when you put your home on the market. Many might not have even considered a fire sprinkler system, but once they realise a home already has one installed, it’s a great incentive.

Although you will have to pay for the fire sprinklers installing, they will be one of the greatest investments you will ever make. You cannot put a price on your loved ones’ lives, and the cost to repair your home following a fire will be a much heftier fee. To save yourself the emotional stress and hassle, consider opting for fire sprinkler installation today.


How We Can Help

Here at RAD Fire Sprinklers, we have years of experience in installing residential and commercial sprinkler systems to properties across the Southeast. You can even view our extensive portfolio here. If you would like a reliable fire sprinkler company in charge of the installation of your system, get in touch with us today.

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Diligent & a very professional team. A joy to deal with. Will certainly be calling on them to help with many more future schemes.
Jason Tema
22:17 08 Jul 19
Great team, fitting sprinklers, saving lives & property... What more could you wish for!!!
Colin P
17:53 01 Jul 17
Excellent company & great service... This company rocks! They sprinkle fires & save lives!!!
Music N Videoz
07:15 16 Dec 16
As somebody who feels that it should be a necessity for all properties to have fire sprinkler systems, I am a big fan of this company. I have used them numerous times to service my home system and they are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their service.
Kate Fraser
09:25 30 Mar 15
One look at Rad Fire Sprinkler's website will tell you that these guys know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to Fire Sprinklers and the legislation surrounding fire safety. A very trustworthy company.
Adam Hudson
16:45 15 Nov 13

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