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Fire Sprinkler System Installation

At RAD Fire Sprinklers, we have nearly 20 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems across England and Ireland. We understand the legal requirements and how to design sprinkler systems to meet your individual requirements.

But, that means that domestic and residential fire sprinkler system installation is entirely dependent upon a number of factors, including the water supply and the pressurisation of the sprinkler system.

To ensure that losses are minimised and that the fire sprinkler system is running at its optimal performance, our fire sprinkler designers make sure to incorporate as few bends to the system as possible and that all pipework is sized correctly in order to optimise the available pressure in the system.

In addition to this, we always use ‘Blazemaster’ pipework which has a very low coefficient of friction compared to iron pipes.


Designing the System

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Image shows a concealed sprinkler head indicated by a red arrow

During the initial consultation, our fire sprinkler installers will produce design blueprints of a sprinkler system that meets your requirements. Utilising AutoCAD technology, we will be able to visualise the sprinkler system and calculate the pressure and surrounding water supply. Every step of the way, we work closely with our customers, keeping them in the loop during the initial design stages.

In cases where the available pressure and water flow are insufficient, our experts recommend alternatives. At RAD, we supply mist sprinklers, which operate similarly to residential fire sprinklers. However, they require a lower supply of water and are adaptable
to smaller properties. Find out more about our RAD Mist Sprinklers System here.

Sprinkler Head Positioning During the Design Process

Fire Sprinkler System Install

Image shows a ‘cut away’ view of an installed concealed sprinkler head

Using the AutoCAD software, our experienced designers will also show you where the sprinkler heads will be positioned in every room ensuring that they line up with the lighting design where required. With plenty of experience, our fire sprinkler installers are very experienced at following design drawings to ensure that the installation runs smoothly.

The optimum position for concealed pendant fire sprinkler heads is in the centre of the ceiling. However, as more and more downlights are installed within residential properties, there is a greater demand for sprinkler heads to line up with as many ceiling fittings as possible. Here at RAD, our designers have considerable experience in lining the sprinkler heads with other ceiling-mounted items while ensuring that the head is positioned within its design limitations. Make sure you state your specifications and how you want the overall design to look and let us accommodate your requirements!


During the Installation

Sprinkler Head Installation

This image shows the pipework in place with the sprinkler head connected and protected with a plastic cap prior to boarding

When it comes to the fire sprinkler system installation, our pipework, electrical and plumbing fixtures are installed simultaneously. Working with professionals in their respective industries, we will find the most efficient and direct route from the water supply to the sprinkler heads. No matter the positioning of the sprinkler heads or the floor level they are on.

The external diameter of pipework is generally 35mm-42mm for the riser and 28mm-35mm for horizontal pipe runs.

If pipework travels at right angles to joist work, each joist will be drilled on the centre line of the joist at a point between 0.25 to 0.4 of the joist length wherever possible. Modern TJI and eco-joists facilitate the installation process considerably.

Once the pipework is in position, the sprinkler heads are connected and yellow temporary plastic covers are left in place for protection during the continuous build process. There is only a very small amount of adjustment available for the fire sprinkler heads so it is important that we are told what the overall thickness of the ceiling finish will be.

The system can now be pressure tested and left at pressure until we are called back at 2nd fix stage.

The installation process on high rise projects is different in that we are fixing to the ceiling slab with steel studwork and need to be careful to ensure that the sprinkler heads are installed at the right height relative to the metal ceiling tracking.

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler Systems

This image shows 3 different types of sprinkler head: Left – Pendant Head / Middle – Concealed Pendant Head / Right Semi-Concealed Pendant Head

Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads
These are by far the most popular choice amongst homeowners for obvious reasons. Concealed fire sprinkler heads are perfect for blending into your interior decor and making themselves scarce, unless a fire is present. Concealed sprinkler heads work on a 2-stage basis.

As the heat rises, the first stage comprises the white ceiling cover plate, becoming un-soldered and dropping to the floor. This allows the deflector plate to drop to a position just below the ceiling. A further rise in temperature will then trigger the sprinkler itself, which becomes the second stage.

Traditional Pendant Sprinkler Heads
These are rarely used in residential situations, being far more obtrusive than concealed sprinkler heads. Traditional pendant sprinkle heads overtly show the mechanics of the system and clash badly with modern design concepts. The water is ejected in a conical spray pattern using a convex deflector. Unlike concealed fire sprinkler heads, the pendent sprinklers will be visible after installation.

Sidewall Sprinkler Heads
Sidewall sprinkler heads are mounted onto the walls or beams in tight spaces. Although we stock sidewall sprinkler heads, we tend to find that these are not used as frequently as pendant heads. This is partly because they create a greater demand for the available water supply and the coverage can be obscured by any large items nearby.

No matter the choice of sprinkler heads, our team of engineers and fire sprinkler installers will make sure the installation is performed correctly and efficiently. Every step of the way, our fire sprinkler installation company are there to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the process.


Fire Sprinkling Testing

Once everything is installed, our professional engineers will go through a series of checks to ensure everything is correct and runs smoothly. We will label various components and run through the different stages with you, making sure you are aware of how the sprinkler system will activate if a high temperature is detected.

Protection of Sprinklers During Construction

This image shows the protective cap projecting below the surface of a newly plastered ceiling

This image shows the protective cap projecting below the surface of a newly plastered ceiling

Once the pipework is in position, the sprinkler heads are connected and yellow temporary plastic covers are left in place for protection during the continuing build process. There is a only a very small amount of adjustment available for the fire sprinkler heads so it is important that we are told what the overall thickness of the ceiling finish will be.

The system can now be pressure tested and left at pressure until we are called back at 2nd fix stage.


Plastic Covers removed

fire sprinkler systems The plastic covers which protect the sprinkler heads project below the ceiling level to ensures the plaster board is cut around the heads when fitted. The plasterer then plasters up to the covers and the decorator can paint up to them as well.

Installation of Pre-finished Cover Plates

concealed sprinkler headThe 2nd fix process is relatively straight forward. The plastic caps are removed and pre-finished cover plates are installed which cover the ragged edge left by the caps. If we are supplying a fire alarm and/or a pump, these will be installed at this stage.

Checks and Testing

Usually carried out at the 2nd fix stage. Our engineers will go through a series of checks and once the appropriate labelling etc is in place the system will be equivalence tested in order to ensure that the fire sprinkler system will perform adequately if required.

Why Choose Us For Fire Sprinkler Installation?

At RAD Fire Sprinklers, we have been carrying out fire sprinkler installation for customers throughout England and the entirety of Ireland for nearly 20 years. With a team of trained installers, we’ll ensure a professional and efficient service is provided.

  • Years of industry experience
  • Range of fire sprinkler systems to choose from
  • Well-known for the service we provide
  • Cover the whole of England and Ireland
  • Team of trained installers

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When it comes to fire sprinkler installation, be sure to get in touch with our company today! For over 12 years, RAD Fire Sprinklers have been installing residential sprinkler systems in all types of domestic buildings. Our team have the expertise to ensure your installation is carried out efficiently and effectively and meets your specific requirements. We work closely with our clients and keep them informed throughout the sprinkler installation process.

From design to installation, we have all of your needs covered. Get in touch today and one of our team will more than happy to help you. Contact us, or call 01892 680 090 to discuss your need with an engineer.

For Sprinkler Installation In London or the South East of England, Contact RAD Fire Sprinklers

If you’re interested in having a sprinkler system installed, then be sure to get in touch with RAD Fire Sprinklers. We have years of experience installing all types of sprinkler systems. No matter what type of building you might have, we fit a sprinkler system in it. Our expert team will provide advice to ensure you the best type of fire protection system if installed in your property. Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with an installation quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprinkler Installation

What types of sprinklers can you install?

Here at RAD Fire Sprinkles, we have many different types of systems to choose from including mist, concealed and many more. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your requirements to ensure the best type of system is fitted in your property.

How long will it take to install fire sprinklers?

The length of time it takes to carry out fire sprinkler installation depends on a number of factors such as type of system you want, the size of the system and if any building alterations are needed. When you choose RAD Fire Sprinklers, we’ll provide you with an estimated time frame for completion. We carry out all installations in a professional and efficient manner.

What will sprinkler installation cost?

The cost of a sprinkler system will depend on the type you require and the size of your property. At RAD Fire Sprinklers, we offer some of the most competitively prices quotes for sprinkler installation. Get in touch today.

What types of building can use fire sprinklers?

Sprinklers can be installed in any type of building. Over the years our team have carried out installation in a number of properties including high rise buildings, care homes,  refurbishments, hostels and many more. No matter what type of building you might have, we can install sprinklers in it.

How do I arrange fire sprinkler installation?

If you’re interested in having a fire sprinkler system installed in London or the South East of England, then all you need to do is fill in our contact form or email us and one of our team will get back to you as soon as someone is available. Alternatively, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to assist you right away.

Mist system was a great solution for our renovation needs and them team at RAD have been great. Always communicated clearly and been on hand to discuss over the phone as needed. Would highly recommend!
09:32 17 Jul 22
I have used RAD for a couple of projects and found them to be good to deal with. They did a pair of 3 storey open plan houses and seven three and four story town houses. The sprinklers were to improve fire safety, allow more flexible space and comply with building regulations. The sprinklers were far more cost effective than the mist type systems and look very discrete when installed.
Paul Jeary
15:50 11 Jul 22
It has been a pleasure to deal with RAD for installation of fire sprinklers at our site is Sevenoaks. They were fast, professional, working to time and quote, which made it easy to work with them.
Katrina Horobin
12:03 29 Jun 22
My requirement was a bit unusual for RAD in that I wanted a mist system in one room of a rented house. I had no drawings or technical back up. RAD were very helpful and repositioned the unit after the initial installation. Luckily with the help of Sonny, the engineer it all worked out very well.
Simon Gurney
16:16 12 May 22
I have used RAD for the last 10 years for all of my housing developments in need of a sprinkler system. Easy process from start to finish and no issues or problems throughout. Always someone at hand to answer a querie and we have a great working relationship with the team at RAD. Would highly recommend.
15:33 12 May 22
Diligent & a very professional team. A joy to deal with. Will certainly be calling on them to help with many more future schemes.
Jason Tema
22:17 08 Jul 19
Great team, fitting sprinklers, saving lives & property... What more could you wish for!!!
Colin P
17:53 01 Jul 17
Excellent company & great service... This company rocks! They sprinkle fires & save lives!!!
Music N Videoz
07:15 16 Dec 16
As somebody who feels that it should be a necessity for all properties to have fire sprinkler systems, I am a big fan of this company. I have used them numerous times to service my home system and they are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their service.
Kate Fraser
09:25 30 Mar 15
One look at Rad Fire Sprinkler's website will tell you that these guys know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to Fire Sprinklers and the legislation surrounding fire safety. A very trustworthy company.
Adam Hudson
16:45 15 Nov 13

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