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There are many factors which will effect the outcome of a fire sprinkler quote depending on how large the room or rooms are, the type of property, water supply for example.

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Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads

The  Residential Fire sprinkler industry have  managed to reduce the visual impact of residential sprinkler systems over many years of production by developing fire suppression systems which incorporate concealed fire sprinkler heads.  Now residential fire sprinkler systems have become more accepted, people have become more familiar with concealed fire sprinklers and realise how effectively these types of fire sprinkler heads can fulfil a very valuable function while merging into its surroundings.

What Do Fire Sprinkler Heads Look Like?

Many people don’t understand how firesprinklers work and only really notice fire sprinkler heads in places like warehouses or large department stores where the visual impact is considered relatively unimportant. After all, a large department store may have more of an interest in advertising the fact that their customers will be protected in the event of a fire than using Concealed Fire Suppression Systems in order to disguise them visually!

What is the difference between pendant sprinkler heads and concealed fire sprinkler heads?

The figure on the left is a pendant sprinkler head and the figure on the right is called a concealed head.

Exposed Fire Sprinkler Head - Figure 1 Concealed Fire Sprinkler Head - Figure 2


Figure one shows that pendant sprinkler heads need to  project below the ceiling level in order to ensure that the water can travel horizontally if the head is activated.  The concealed   sprinkler head however sits much higher in the ceiling void leaving only a flat cover plate flush to the ceiling. The cover plate falls from the unit when the temperature reaches a certain level – around 58 degrees C.

The deflector plate (which will send the water horizontally across the room) will then drop below the level of the ceiling in preparation for activation. When the heat reaches a higher temperature (around 68 degrees C) a heat sensitive element triggers the flow of water, the water can then travel horizontally across the room.   Although the pendant of residential head was once popular they have been superseded by concealed sprinkler heads figure 2 in residential applications.

Concealed Residential Fire Sprinklers

Concealed Fire Head Sprinkler Installation

A residential concealed fire sprinkler head is a ‘fast response’, two stage devise, the size of a down light. The cover plates of these units are normally coloured white. In the event of a fire reaching its operating point, the flat plate will drop from the devise and the deflector plate of the sprinkler head will then drop below the ceiling level. As the temperature at ceiling level increase to 74 degrees Celsius, a bi-metal strip activates and releases the seal which enables the full flow of water to be directed towards the fire.

Needless to say, these devises are very inconspicuous and, looking up at them, all you can see is a small,  flat plate approximately 60mm in diameter which is the same colour as the ceiling.

Residential Fire Sprinklers can remove the requirement for compartmentation in modern open plan design. However, the impact of such an open plan design would be lost if the areas concerned were covered in unsightly fire sprinkler heads however, concealed sprinkler heads enable architects to provide a modern open plan feel to a design while at the same time satisfying the requirements of the building regulations to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the building in the event of a fire.

The pipe work for a fire sprinkler system, as in any plumbing system in a house, is kept within the ceiling void and combined with concealed sprinkler heads, will ensure that the occupants are unaware that a Concealed Fire Suppression System has been installed in the property.

Are there any disadvantages of concealed fire sprinkler heads?

Design of Concealed Fire Sprinkler HeadsWhile concealed fire sprinkler heads have the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing, they are classified as ‘fast response’ heads and as such rely on the sprinkler system activating at an early point of development of the fire with a minimum quantity of water. This means that the cover plate must release at a carefully, pre-determined temperature – not too early which would result in false activations and not so late that the fire has grown too large to be successfully extinguished with the amount of water available.

The factors that would slow down the cover plate release could be something like decorators mastic applied around the cover plate or even a coat of emulsion paint applied at the time of re-decoration. If the cover plates of these fire sprinkler heads are painted, the result is to slow down the operation of the concealed sprinkler head. This isn’t considered too much of a problem however if the systems are regularly serviced and a visual check of the coverplates is made annually


For more information on how whether sprinkler heads are visually intrusive, click here.

Contact RAD Fire Sprinkler for Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads

We have been offering design and installation of concealed fire sprinkler heads for clients throughout the country for a number of years. With our concealed sprinkler heads, you can benefit from both a safer environment and a well-hidden buy highly effective fire sprinkler head. We have years of experience in the industry and have fitted numerous concealed fire sprinkler systems for our clients. Get in touch today for a quote.

RAD Firesprinklers is one of the top FIRAS accredited companies installing Concealed Fire Sprinkler Systems in London and the South East. Phone: 01892 680 090 today to discuss your requirements with an engineer!

Frequently Asked Questions – Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads

What type of fire sprinkler system do I need?

When you choose RAD Fire Sprinklers, one of our expert team will work closely with you to help understand what they best type of system might be. No matter what size your property, the budget you have available or the system you need, we’ll try to find a concealed fire sprinkler system that meets your needs.

How much does concealed fire sprinkler heads installation cost?

We price all installations of concealed fire sprinkler heads on and individual basis to ensure our customers receive the best possible price. Get in touch with RAD Fire Sprinklers today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

What’s the difference between normal and concealed fire sprinkler heads?

Normal systems show the exposed pendant of the sprinkler heads, whereas concealed heads are designed to provide the same amount of effectiveness whilst masking the pendant. Many businesses and home owners choose to have concealed fire sprinkler heads.

How do I arrange installation of a concealed fire sprinkler system?

If you’re interested in having a fire sprinkler system fitted that uses concealed fire sprinkler heads, then all you need to do is get in touch with RAD Fire Sprinklers. We have been designing and installing systems for our clients for many years.

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