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The Residential Fire Sprinkler Design Process

The Residential Sprinkler Design Process

RAD Technical Submittal

RAD Full Technical Submittal

The residential fire sprinkler design process can vary from  projects like a single small dwelling to a high rise building. We will normally require room layouts which incorporate a reflected ceiling plan. The reflected ceiling plan is particularly important if we are required to line fire sprinkler heads with ceiling fixtures like down lights, air recycling and heat recovery units, ceiling mounted loudspeakers and smoke detectors etc.

Design drawings are reviewed by FIRAS as part of our 3rd party accreditation process

We will need to know what ceiling projections there are if any.

RAD design in AutoCAD with each sprinkler head showing dimensions

Normally we require AutoCAD files to enable us to overlay our drawings onto although sometimes we are able to convert PDF files into AutoCAD.

Sprinkler heads are positioned as symmetrically as possible while ensuring they are within their design parameters to complete the design process.

After completing the design, we will then calculate the losses within the pipework using a sprinkler design software package and produce a full specification for the system.

The design, calculations and specifications (or Technical Submittal on larger projects) are then forwarded on to the client for initial comment.

BASFA - FIRAS - UKAS - RSA - National Fire Accreditations

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