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Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are 2 types of non-commercial fire sprinkler systems – Domestic and Residential. These two terms can be misleading for the following reasons: Many architects and homeowners use the same two words ‘Domestic’ and ‘Residential’ to describe properties which are neither business or commercial property. However there are clearly defined differences when it comes to fire sprinkler systems.

Domestic and Residential Classification

A Domestic classification is generally given to fire sprinkler systems required in a privately owned house or flat.

A Residential classification is generally given to a fire sprinkler system  installed in a property which offers a higher level of fire risk such as a Care Home or a building which is inhabited by un-related persons sharing kitchen and toilet facilities.

The most significant difference between the 2 classifications within BS 9251 concerns the duration the two fire sprinkler systems must run for and the quantity of sprinkler heads (and consequently the quantity of water) required and allowed for in the system design.

The head spacing and areas of coverage (all rooms, excluding bathrooms below 5m2) will remain the same in either case. This means that for a given floor plan, the pipe run may well be the same in the 2 systems although the pipe sizes may differ in places in order to accommodate higher flow rates.

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