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Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Domestic Fire Sprinkler systems

Fire sprinkler installationThe term “Domestic Fire Sprinklers” is now referred to and widely known within the industry as “residential fire sprinklers”.

Domestic (or Residential) fire sprinklers are installed regularly throughout the UK in houses, flats and high rise apartments. Pipe work for a residential or domestic sprinkler is installed within ceiling or floor voids like any other plumbing system.

Modern concealed fire sprinkler heads are very inconspicuous and have little or no visual impact. Every design which we produce takes into account, the symmetry of the lighting plan in each room and wherever possible, the sprinkler heads are positioned so as not to conflict with lighting positions.

Reduced Water Damage With Domestic Sprinklers

Fire detected at an early stage of development can be extinguished with a surprisingly small amount of water and a correctly positioned domestic fire sprinkler head, will be activated very promptly by a developing fire. The amount of water utilised to extinguish the fire would be a fraction of that used by the Fire and Rescue services. All our installers are familiar with design issues that affect the positions of domestic fire sprinkler heads and can react to changes on site with minimal delay.

Welsh Assembly Members voted in February 2011 for Wales to become the first country in the world for Domestic Fire Sprinkler systems mandatory in all newly built houses.


Differences between Domestic Sprinkler systems and Residential Sprinkler Systems:



In fact, there is no  difference between a domestic sprinkler and a residential sprinkler system. The distinction has no relevancy after the production of BS9251-14.

The original British Standard BS9251:2006

However, the issue was confused somewhat by the original British standard for sprinkler systems BS9251:2005 which created 2 grades os system as ‘Residential’ and ‘Domestic’. The Domestic classification was for a less robust system and the Residential classification was for systems that provide the most robust protection.

These 2 categories had the following differences

  1. Domestic sprinklers were designed to deliver a smaller quantity of water than residential systems ie 2 sprinkler heads delivering a total of around 60 – 84 litres of water per minute rather than 4 sprinkler heads delivering 168 litres per minute in the case of a residential sprinkler system.
  2. Domestic fire sprinkler systems were designed to operate for a shorter period of time which was 10 minutes rather than a Residential fire sprinkler system requirement to deliver around 154 litres of water for 30 minutes.



 The new British Standard BS9251:2014

The new British Standard removed the 2 categories of system and created another category as follows:

Category 1 – similar to the original ‘Domestic’ classification but allowing a lower water density of coverage

Category 2 – a new category which specified the same number of sprinkler heads (2) as the original domestic classification but to run for 30 minutes. This makes it more robust than the original domestic category but less robust than the original residential classification

Category 3 – a more robust category than the old residential classification. It specifies that an allowance for 4 sprinkler heads to operate for 30 minutes with an additional requirement for a higher density.

Building Regs. 2007

Building Regs. 2007

Building Regulations – Approved Document B

The building regulations were changed in 2007 to allow domestic fire sprinklers to be used to compensate for problems concerning fire safety.

Domestic fire sprinkler systems installed to BS9251 can now afford relaxations to traditional AD part B passive requirements.

  1. particularly regarding open plan areas within a property and
  2. issues associated with extended travel distances and
  3. limited access for the Fire and Rescue services.


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A domestic fire sprinkler system installed to BS9251 with smoke detection provides THE best domestic fire protection for the inhabitants of a building should a fire develop in that property.

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