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BS9251:2005 and DD9999

Residential Fire Sprinkler systems that comply with BS 9251 provide a very effective compensatory feature to meet building control fire safety requirements. They are a relatively recent development, and did not feature very prominently in the Building Regulations Approved Document B (2000 edition).

Their increased popularity has been mainly due to the formulation of a new code of practice (BS 9251-2005) recently published which is loosely based on an American code of practice NFPA 13R and NFPA 13D.

The recently updated issue of Building Regulations Approved Document B has placed more emphasis on active fire systems like fire sprinkler systems rather than passive systems favoured in the past and architects are finding that a residential fire sprinkler system incorporated in their projects can afford them considerable design freedoms and reduced costs.

Introduction of DD9999

In addition to BS 9251, a new code of practice DD 9999 has recently be published.

While this new standard still meets the functional requirements of building regulations, it is becoming popular with approved inspectors and architects alike by offering an alternative approach to fire safety in the design of buildings.

To give an example of how DD9999 can help architects:

  • It is accepted that rooms with increased ceiling heights offer greater safety because they act as a smoke reservoir. Table 16 in the document lists a 5% increase in travel distance permissible for a 3 meter high ceiling increasing to a 15% increase in travel distance if the ceiling is 5 meters high.
  • There are similar tables for buildings with other fire prevention measures including fire sprinkler systems.

Many residential fire sprinkler systems run directly from the mains water supply and when fitted at build stage, have a relatively low cost – similar to that of fitted carpets..but unlike fitted carpets, these systems are designed to last in excess of 50 years! now that’s a lot of carpet!

By including Fire Sprinklers in a new project the developer can:

  1. Enhance the project design with more open space.
  2. Increase the design density of the overall development.
  3. Reduce building costs due to a reduction in passive fire protection systems.
  4. Increase revenue due to a greater number of units produced.
  5. Offer a unique selling point to the customer.

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