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RAD Fire Sprinkler Ltd. specialise in the design, installation & maintenance of Residential & Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems.


Architects & Developers

Let us walk you through the common problems and technical questions we get asked, including relaxations in AD partB.

M&E Consultants

M&E Consultants and Contractors

RAD Fire Sprinkler Company have years of experience in consideration prior to instructing an installer.

Care Homes & Landlords

Care Homes & Landlords

Discover the benefits of incorporating a Residential Fire Sprinkler system in your Care Home and the advantages to Landlords.

Home Owners & Private Individuals

Home Owners & Private Individuals

If you have have bought a property which has a domestic fire sprinkler system there are some things that you need to know.

BASFA - FIRAS - UKAS - RSA - National Fire Accreditations

Welcome to RAD Fire Sprinklers

Specialists in Domestic & Residential Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems have come a long way in recent years and their popularity in domestic properties and residential buildings has increased dramatically – and when combined with a smoke alarm can be the most effective means of safeguarding the occupants in case of fire. While many of us have the traditional ‘pendant’ sprinkler heads in mind, today’s domestic sprinkler systems can make use of concealed heads no larger than a typical down-light, comprising a smooth plate almost flush to the ceiling.

Domestic sprinkler systems have been specifically designed to extinguish an ignition source quickly and efficiently, releasing far less water than would typically be used by the Fire Service. This smart use of water can dramatically reduce water damage to your property and ensure that any fire is swiftly dealt with, preventing loss of property and potential loss of life. Visit our Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems page for more information.

Residential sprinkler systems will typically be installed in properties at higher risk, including care homes, apartment buildings, hostels etc, and can be installed at new build or retrofitted discreetly throughout the building. Our experience and expertise designing and installing fire sprinkler systems in a diverse range of properties ensures you get superior workmanship at all levels and a sprinkler system that meets rigorous quality standards. We hold memberships of all relevant professional bodies and are registered with the FIRAS 3rd Party Certification Scheme, working for architects, landlords, developers and local authorities throughout the South East.

Spend a few minutes exploring our site for more information on the benefits of domestic and residential sprinkler systems and you’ll quickly gain an appreciation of their value as a first line of defence against any ignition source in your property. If you already have a fire suppression system installed in your building, make sure it’s in good working order with annual maintenance and a flow test.

Visit our Contact page to get in touch now – we don’t employ sales staff so you’ll speak directly to one of our fire sprinkler systems engineers.